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Information Literacy Instruction: How To Do Research

I was asked to present to a grade 7 class last year as they were gearing up to start a research assignment. With me being new to the school and the teacher also being new, we didn’t really know how much experience students already had with the research process. I was asked if I could just start by presenting a general overview of all the steps involved. The presentation I developed for this class if available for download in my TPT store. It’s FREE, so go ahead and download it to use in your own school library.

Here’s a break down of what steps the presentation covers:

  • Picking a topic
  • Finding information using library resources and non-library resources
  • Evaluating and analyzing sources
  • Citing sources

When I was delivering this content to students, I broke the presentation down into two parts, because doing it all in one go was going to be a lot of new information at once. If I were to do it again though, I would probably break it down into three parts, but this all depends on the students you are delivering this presentation to and their level of understanding of the research process.

Recommended Grades: 6-8

Recommended Presenting Style: Share in three parts/three separate classes:

  • Part 1: Picking a topic and finding information
  • Part 2: Evaluating sources
  • Part 3: Citing Sources

Presentation Download: Access for FREE via my TPT Store here. 

Note: This presentation is customizable. Some slides were designed so screen shots of your own library’s website/catalogue can be inserted.

Back to school this year looks different for many librarians. Some are starting the school year again with distance learning, some are fully back in person, while others are doing a blend of the two. No matter your situation, you can make this presentation work wherever you are. When I first delivered this presentation, it was during distance learning. By using Loom, I was able to record myself as I talked, display the presentation, and I was also able to show students examples of how to do things online with screen recording. It was easy to learn and I highly recommend trying out this online tool in the future.

I hope many of you find this helpful! Would you like to see more of my information literacy presentations shared in the future? Let me know in the comments!


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